Awesome Customer Support

The service we provide is the strength of SchoolScoop. We work hard to keep our customers happy as we belive in 100% customer satisfaction.

The day to day service and support we provide is what makes SchoolScoop better. It's not just a school management system we offer, but a commitment to making sure things go as smoothly as possible. We know running a school is hard and we are here to help make that a little easier.

Dedicated support

Support is baked into our culture and where we deliver much of our value. We provide personal support for the entire time our customers are with us, not just for a short on-boarding period.

Our dedicated support staff are part of the core team and not an outsourced support centre. In fact ALL staff, from admin to the managing director, at SchoolScoop, have a customer support mentality. When we say we care, we really mean it.

Solid support process measured against global standards

We use industry leading systems to manage all requests, monitor our performance and help us pinpoint any areas of our service that needs improvement. We put ourselves through the comprehensive global standard 'Quality Management' external audit process every year to ensure our work practices are organised and efficient. We're organised and you can be confident you are in good hands.We always try to be better as learning and adapting to changes is the key of the best product.

Interactive Academic Administration Made More Efficient

The essence of school management software to an educational institution cannot be over-emphasized. The use of SchoolScoop ERP to educational institution provides countless opportunities which much other's management software has not to offer. SchoolScoop ERP is a notion to reckon with in consideration of a school management system. The importance of SchoolScoop ERP System is to bring about more productivity and learning to an educational institution through the application of new discretion in school management.SchoolScoop ERP provides service that makes schooling all time available. Web School ERP interface is structured and flexible, built with the latest technological tools which make it safe for use.

Support in many other ways

We provide SchoolScoop as 'software as a service' which means our customers also benefit from several additional support services at no extra cost. Apart from having absolutely no installation requirements (all you need is an internet connected web browser), SchoolScoop comes with:

1st class security No need for virus & malware scanners, costly security audits & consultancy or hacking and data theft worries, we take care of it all. Find out more about how we provide security.

Data back-up School management systems collect a lot of sensitive data and managing your own systems also requires a comprehensive back up solution. We have this totally covered with secure multiple daily and monthly backups.

Software updates We work on SchoolScoop every day of the year keeping it updated and running smoothly. No need to manage disruptive software updates that soak up your IT staff's time. You'll automatically have the latest version of SchoolScoop as soon as it's available.

What our customers say about our support

"SchoolScoop's level of personalized support is top notch."